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Payment Terms and Refund Policy

The Charges are quoted in INR, including, where applicable, value-added tax. The Client agrees to pay all Charges due to Pixabits in respect of making the Service available to the Client and giving access to and use of the Service by the pre-payment method and in accordance with the terms as set hereof.

Client agrees to pre-purchase credits for each month of the Contract or such other period as is agreed between the Parties, in which case Pixabits will allocate the Client a corresponding credit. Each Chargeable Event that the Client conducts using the Service will therefore reduce the value of the credits available to the Client by the amount corresponding to the tariffs applicable at the moment in which the Chargeable Event is generated and referred to on Pixabits CPaaS.

Furthermore, the Client acknowledges and accepts, that prices may be updated by Pixabits from time to time according to the provisions set forth in the Service Agreements. For the avoidance of doubt, a Charge will be incurred for every Chargeable Event conducted by the Client regardless of whether it is successfully delivered.

The client is solely responsible, for seeking adequate Chargeable Event credit allocation(s) and checking the Client’s remaining available Chargeable Event credit level on Pixabits’ website, for ensuring that the Client has enough Chargeable Event credits to meet the Client’s requirements from time to time and Pixabits shall not be in any way responsible or liable in the event that Client has insufficient

Chargeable Event credits to meet Client’s requirements, and/or has exceeded Client’s Chargeable Event credit allocation(s), for any period.

All charges and bank fees incurred through payment shall be borne by the Client who furthermore guarantees to Pixabits to legitimately use the payment means necessary to pay and top-up its credit. The client is responsible for the payment of all bank and finance charges and must ensure that the amount received in Pixabits bank account, after deductions, corresponds to the full amount owed to Pixabits.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary and for the avoidance of doubt, Pixabits may in a separate invoice make backdated claims for amounts outstanding which were not previously invoiced for technical or other reasons. Such charges shall be detailed in an accounting summary report.

Pixabits shall be entitled to suspend or deactivate those invoiced Services – including the related invoiced default interests possibly incurred by the Client – that remained unpaid by written notice. Charges which are not based on actual usage are payable even in the event of suspended or deactivated Services.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the above-mentioned points, the Client will not be able to receive any refund for the payment made.

Test account

Pixabits may make an account available to the Client for the purposes of testing certain Services. The terms of the Contract shall govern the Client’s use and access to such test account and test Services. Client shall ensure that the test account and test Services are used only for the purpose of testing, and not for any productive, commercial, or other purposes (such restriction prevailing over any other provision to the contrary in the Contract).

Client shall comply with any relevant instructions or protocols notified by Pixabits in relation to the test account and test Services. The Charges for such test accounts and test Services shall be as determined by Pixabits from time to time. Client agrees that Pixabits can withdraw such test account and test Services at any time (with or without notice to Client).