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OTT Business Messaging

Shorten your links to increase click-through-rate, link trust, and brand awareness

Maximize your performance with secure custom links

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Large e-commerce platforms often use OTT Business Messaging to enable users to generate a custom short link for ease of access and accountability.

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To facilitate CRM, travel industries adopt link shortening services to send quick links to accounts, transactions, booking issues, etc.

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Entertainment industries usually require branded short links and URL parameters to spread brand awareness and track link analytics.

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Patients’ appointments and medical history become easier to manage by allowing them to access quick links, that are tailor-made for specific concerns.

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Govt./PSUs extensively use short links to enable users to easily generate electronic bills, download students admit cards, fill up official forms, and access other e-public services.

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Online banking has been used by people on a big scale in today’s digital world. In this scenario, short links play a vital role in making e-transactions fast and easy.

Technology that can enhance campaigns productivity

Short Link API

Now connect Pixabits short link API directly with your communication platform to manage an obscene amount of links with less hassle.

URL Parameters

Track your traffic along with sorting and specifying content on the web page through query strings.

Detailed Analytics

Analyse trends and solve problems of data through a detailed analytical report of the links clicks, and other actions performed.

OTT Business Messaging System Architecture


Incorporate short link API in your marketing model for precise accountability of links

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