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Rich Business Messaging

Leverage cutting edge RCS messaging with rich and verified messages

Get More Creative Freedom With Rich Business Messaging

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E-commerce platforms promote their brand and products by using rich media messaging effectively. Rich media content can increase CTR as compared to one-way communication.

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The travel industry utilizes RCS, as a multimedia tool, to send creative and custom messages, enclosing relevant attachments or media files. A little touch of an infographic is sufficient enough to convey multiple insights simultaneously.

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Media & Entertainment industry is all about providing unique and enticing content to engage more people. RCS messaging enables media companies to uplift the traditional marketing process for getting better output.

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When it comes to dealing with patients and their families, RCS messaging features allow hospitals to be flexible with the text and media content while sending a message. An automated Chatbot of RCS transforms the way of chatting with smart replies.

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For govt./PSU sector, Promotional campaigns and official messaging have been done extensively in the last couple of years. In case the receiver doesn’t have RCS messaging on their phone, the message content automatically converts into a simple text message.

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RCS has come as an attractive alternative for the banking sector, which enables banks to send multiple documents, promo banners, AV content, URLs, and much more within a single message.

Features That Make RCS A Better Tool For Customer Engagement


With automated smart replies, the chatbot feature is very helpful to maintain the flow of a conversation. It becomes easy to clarify a doubt or query of customers by providing relevant reply suggestions.

Real-Time Analysis

Have an eagle eye on the real-time analytics of the campaign with RCS analysis. It allows you to keep on-screen event tracking (i.e. Message delivery status, seen or reply status) to understand customers’ behavior.


After getting registered and verified by the RCS service provider, senders can prevent fraudulent activities and make two-way communication reliable and authenticated.

Rich Business Messaging System Architecture


Build brand recognition with cutting-edge RCS Business Messaging

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