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Verified Business Messaging

Get a safer and more trustable channel to send Google verified messages

Leverage Cutting-Edge Business Messaging Security With Google Assurity

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With ‘Verified Business Messaging’, the e-commerce companies can send authentic SMS messages, comprising the brand’s name and sender ID, along with short URLs. Such featured SMS can enhance the overall customer experience.

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Travel companies use verified SMS to provide a secure digital sphere to customers. Account details and confidential metadata become more secured with verified SMS services.

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Govt./PSUs use verified messaging to protect confidential data from SMS-based phishing attacks. Unreadable content can’t be exposed due to advanced level security.

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As per customers’ demands, hospitals have to keep some of the medical data confidential. Verified SMS enables them to send secure messages with Google assurity.

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To eliminate the monetary and meta data losses, while sending messages, the banking sector uses verified SMS messaging. It helps them to keep an eagle eye on unethical activities.

Features That Transform Customers’ Messaging Experience

Authenticity Codes

In order to secure the SMS content, unreadable and irreversible authenticity codes are used to ensure that even Google can’t read your data.


All authenticity codes are automatically deleted when matched or after 7 days (whatever comes first). Due to this, the degree of security rises much higher.

Verified Business Messaging System Architecture


Release the stress of security, feel the freedom with Verified Business Messaging

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